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When I walked into the dealer I found the truck that i was looking for a 2013 tundra. After negotiating a price I left the dealer happy, but after two days I was called back thinking i was picking up the final paperwork.

oh what a surprise, when i arrived they told me they couldn't have the truck. they offered me a 2013 Tacoma, after i told them just give me my trade in back according to the sale person the truck had been sold at auction and i couldn't get it back. After sitting there with my son (11yo) they showed me a 2011 tundra that was used for commercial usage. I had been there 4 hours when the finance person (Bob) took me into an office and knowing that i was upset yelled a me in front of my son, telling me that he was trying to help me, if this is help what is customer satisfaction like.

as of today they still have not given me and paper work or even called me. I called them and they admitted they had messed up the finance paper work and still haven't been able to get me finance, I did call my own bank and was given financing on the spot. After talking to them about that they refused to even acknowledge my bank. As a military veteran I will do what ever it take to insure that this dealer does not sell to anyone that has served or is still serving.

oh by the way keith pierson toyota there is a military rebate for military personnel still serving you know like me. as we say in the military pull your head out of your @$$.

Monetary Loss: $6500.

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Jacksonville, Florida, United States #629112

I think Keith Pierson, or one of his agents, is clicking the *** button.

I believe all the comments people are posting here.

Totally hate the way they do business. It's wonderful when you can buy a car but yet the car you are trading in works just fine. As an non desperate consumer, I had the power of negotiation on my side. The sales person was not empowered to make any decisions on the price. It was very inefficient and a total waste of time. When the sales person came back with the prices (I was looking at two different cars), I laughed in his face. Too bad these people had just wasted over an hour of my life. I got up and walked away.

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