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"Ask for Keith" Right. Good Luck.

I recently purchased a new 2010 Corolla from Keith Pierson Toyota and qualified for 0% financing. I was told that in order to receive the 0% financing, I could NOT negotiate the additional sticker charges or the "A.D.M." of $2000 which the dealership added to the MSRP. After consulting with the actual financing company, I discovered that this is simply NOT TRUE. A.D.M is profit for the dealership and the special financing offer from Toyota Motor Co was exploited by Keith Pierson Toyota to avoid negotiating sale price. The financing terms and conditions were completely misrepresented by the dealership.

Additionally, the maintenance program that we were promised is yet another farce. We were told, as a selling point, that we would receive 2 years of free scheduled maintenance. Apparently, we will only receive free oil changes. The rub is that if we do not follow the full maintenance program as outlined in the maintenance book, the Keith Pierson Lifetime Warranty will not be upheld. But I seriously doubt KP Toyota will uphold the Lifetime Warranty anyway.

I strongly advise anyone in the market for a new car to take his/her business to another dealership. Start by searching for a dealership that does not list "A.D.M." on the sticker.

If you do decide to visit Pierson Toyota, do not bother "asking for Keith" as posted throughout the dealership...he will not be "available.""Ž

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BEWARE! If this posting is "TRUE", there are other dealers doing the same thing EVERYWHERE.

While having my Solara serviced for a recall noticed, I walked the lot - looking at new car stickers.

EVERY one of them had the ADM listed - from a minimum of $2K on a Corolla through $3995 for a Camry XLE. Thank goodness one has dealer choices in Ft Lauderdale other than Lipton.

Callahan, Florida, United States #613575

I called the GM out on the ADM today, noticed that the paperwork said the truck was 37080.00, which we were suppose to get it at 31020.00. I decided to go out and verify the vin number was right with the one online we wanted, it was correct. I think decided to look at the papers that were on the dash that had a 6000 ADM, when I called them out on it about what it all included and said we're were getting it free at the other dealer, the GM got defensive because I caught them.


I recently visited this dealership and saw a $3,000.00 ADM added to the price of the vehicle. It seems to me that anyone paying this markup is buying their overpriced "free" lifetime warranty.

I don't feel comfortable shopping at a dealership where grown men dance and shout during their sales meetings like they are at a high school pep rally. I'll drive a few more miles and get a better deal in Jacksonville.


I was told I had 0% but now they say I can't even get the rav 4. they suck :(


We need a class action suite to get these rip off artists out of car selling. :( :( :(


This is 100% true! I also had a bad experience with them!! I would not send ANYONE to them!!

to Marie Pogue #1082858

I agree if anyone wants to go for a lawsuit let's go, thats why they continue to get away with it.

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