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When my husband and I were asked about our occupations then asked about our incomes, we were literally laughed at. Apparenlty the sales associates expect that everyone to make 6 figures. It was my first time going there and none of my family will ever go there as a result.

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Have had issues with my car almost since the day I bought it. The factory alarm that came with the car would go off while driving down the road. I would take the car to them and they would say no issues. Then on the way home it would do it again. Finally after several times of going back they replaced it. Then after that the locks started not locking with the key thing. Now they want to give a hassle on fixing it. They waited until the warranty... Read more

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We went just to look to decide what model - we might be interested in. Before showing us ANY VEHICLES Asked for personal information and we soon realized that it was a applicaction for financing a vehicle. Brandon not only couldnt locate my husbands credit report - but after we repeatedly asked about the X Plan , my husbands employer has with Car manufactors- he ignores us and brings out the most expensive model available and tries to push... Read more

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Went to Keith Pierson Toyota in search of a new car. Brandon the sales associate was new, nice and helpful. I left the dealership under the impression they would take care of all tags tax and title fees. 3 days later the finance manager Terry Seymour told me I had to pay the taxes because I wanted to register it out of state. I asked to see a return policy and was informed they didn't have one. I again asked if I could see it in writing and the... Read more

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Took my daughters car to Keith Pierson for what should have been a simple oil change. We woke up the next morning to a puddle of oil on the garage floor. For some reason nobody at their Express Lube knows how to tighten the oil drain plug. I was able to turn the plug by hand. Bad, Bad job. If i did not catch their mistake, Keith could have been buying us a new motor. I will never go back to these incompetent fools. So for everyone out there... Read more

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When a new vehicle is purchased from Toyota it comes with a 25k maintenance plan. On 4/29/16 I learned it also has a 24 month time limit. 61 days out of the 24 months with my car on the rack I learned that I would have to pay for the last service. Guess I should have looked at the small print form Toyota. Did it cost them any more to honor the last vehicle check? I have purchased 4 new Toyota's since 2012. No problems with the vehicles. Wife had... Read more

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I am very happy with Keith Pierson Toyota, my first business with Keith work out the best, got myself a new 2015 highlander beautifully deal, I gave them my 2013, outstanding services, but April,28th 2016 I took my highlander 2015 for maintenance schedule, the person who should be expecting me name Mr. Yonkers , sorry for the wrong spelling Yonkers, I drove in and one of the employees outside directed me to his office no one in, later a white... Read more

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Crooks..liars...Went to get my 2 year 25, 000 mile ck up because I was just a tad over they woukd not do it. They wanted to charge me and would not do the service. One of the reasobs I bought fron them! Also one of their techs told my mother she needed 8k worth of work done.. total lie.. nothing was wrong with her Highlander. Next year once Im able I will be getting rid of my Toyota and never going back to you. Best advise...Go Amercan! Stay... Read more

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My wife and I walked onto the keith pierson lot on Feb.1st. We were greeted by a sales rep named Paul. I told Paul that I was seeking a dark blue, low miles Tacoma. Paul exclaimed that they were currently out of used tacomas. Paul then asked me to come inside to see what was available to get. At this point I assumed he was going to show me on his computer what was on their other used lot. I was wrong. After asking me a series of questions he... Read more

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I waited for over 2 hours for an oil change.

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